Looking for a solution to the Salad Dressing Sugar Problem?

     Most salad dressings have sugar in them.  I’ve often stood in salad dressing aisles, scanning the labels one by one, muttering as I look for ones that I can actually eat.
      “High fructose corn syrup.”
     Occasionally, when serving food to older relatives, I’ll need to also need to find dressings that didn’t have extra salt added to them.  It’s extremely difficult to find dressings with no salt or no sugar.
     I’ve finally found a solution:
      Nut oils. 
     Walnut oil and hazelnut oil are especially good.  They have light, nutty tastes which enhance the flavors of the vegetables instead of trying to take over the salad, as many stronger dressings do.
One brand that I particularly recommend is the International Collection.
     You’re welcome.

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