I*Skream: A stevia-sweetened ice cream that actually tastes good! (REAL good!)

“Low calorie” and “stevia” and “good” don’t always go together, but Connecticut-based ISkream is all of these things.  I tried their vanilla last week and was highly impressed, both by the taste and by the lack of stomach pain that many other “sugar free” ice creams and treats made with sugar alcohols produce. And when my sugar-eating relatives tried ISkream they also said that yes, it tastes like the real thing… i.e. yes, IScream (check out their website)  does taste like regular sugar-sweetened ice cream.  Rejoice!

     More in-depth and happy reviews of the various flavors can be found at that’ssojenn.com

     CTbites also reviews the brand.   In Iskream: Walnut Beach Creamery Owner Creates New Brand Without ‘Real’ Sugar, Nancy Kleeger writes
 3 of Iskream’s flavors , banana, vanilla and berry good,  are approved by the American Diabetes Association. This is a coup for diabetics. Having a chance to eat this amazing treat that tastes like regular ice cream and keeps your blood sugar level in check, is just the tip of the iceberg for this market.  And for those of you whose kids experience Parkour- like symptoms ,bouncing off the walls after consuming sugar, your day has come– Iskream’s “sugar” content ranges from just 3-7 grams per serving– so scoop, and scoop some more!

     Keep an eye out for ISkream! We found it at Whole Foods, and are told that it can also be found at Balducci’s and Big Y.

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