Almond Butter! (“Barney Bare” and Barney’s “Raw + Chia”)

     I love this stuff on celery and carrot sticks–I take two tablespoons to work in a container and dip the vegetables in for a good-tasting, filling snack.  (The brand doesn’t seem to have a sugarless snack pack yet, unfortunately, so it takes a while for those of us who are dishwasher-less to wash the stuff out of the containers, but whatever.)  Try it on apples, too. And if you’re wanting an almond butter and jelly sandwich, try pairing it with a low-sugar jelly like Dalfour’s.
     It’s usually healthier than peanut butter (see here for a break-down of nutrition information for Barney Butter.) It’s slightly lower in calories, with 7% saturated fat (instead of the 18% normally found in peanut butter) and it contains more fiber and vitamins.
     Two warnings:
     1. The price of almond butter goes up and down, due to the availability of almonds.  At the moment I’m writing this, it’s around ten dollars a jar..
     2. Though there are many yummy almond butters on the market, many have sugar.  Most of the Barney Butters have sugar, for example, but Barney Bare
and Barney’s Raw + Chia do not. original

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