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If you’re on a low-sugar diet because table sugar and high-fructose syrup give you hypoglycemic reactions such as brain-fog and fatigue, there’s a possibility that you might not have to avoid eating sweets all together.  Some people’s bodies can tolerate certain sweeteners better than they can tolerate others.  To use myself as an example: my own blood sugar levels don’t seem to rise when I have food sweetened with fructose (not high-fructose corn syrup, but the crystallized type one can buy in a bag, like this one sold by Now Foods.)  Also, honey gives me brain-fog, but agave nectar does not.  Agave is also  liked in the vegan community as a substitute for honey, as many feel that harvesting honey exploits bees.  

     Agave is said to be more caloric than table sugar, however, and its health benefits on a whole are debatable.  Frankly, doing research on it did make me cut down on it myself, as I used to sweeten drinks with it but have switched to Stevia instead for health and weight-loss purposes,  See Dr. Jonny Bowden’s Debunking the Blue Agave Myth at the Huffington Post (04/17/2010) to get details on the controversy.
     Like many sweeteners, when eaten in moderation, however, it can be wonderful, and a true diet-saver for those of us whose bodies can’t tolerate the “harder,” more commonly-used sugars. It’s worth trying out and, if it works for your particular body, adding foods made from it to your low-sugar arsenal.

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