“More Sugar Free Than Thou” is, primarily, a compendium of low-sugar processed foods, put together into a blog format for easy digestion. The purpose is to help other busy people on low-sugar diets find food that they can trust.
     Due to a medical condition sometimes known as “reactive hypoglycemia,” I’ve been on a low-sugar diet for 27 years.  (I would call it a “sugar free” diet, but an actually sugar-free diet is next-to-impossible.  Sugar is in just about everything, including dairy products and fruit.)
     The title of this blog is tongue in cheek, chosen to make slight fun of those who secretly (or not) view the low sugar lifestyle as a moral choice.  (See the Slate article Stop Describing Your Diet as Clean Eating for more of what I mean.)
     I hope this blog/compendium might be of use to you.  If you have suggestions for other food items to add or feedback that might help me make this a more useful website, please let me know.

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